Restoring function and beauty to Chicagoland roofs.

No matter how well constructed your roof is, you are going to need roof repair at some point. In Naperville, roofs take a beating from high winds, heavy rains, and the occasional hailstorm. Roof repair is essential care for any residential or commercial roof, keeping your building safe while extending the life of the roof itself. As soon as you suspect your roof is damaged, contact Walton Roofing for a free inspection.


Why Chicagoland Roofs Need Repair

The reasons why your roof might need repair are varied, dependent upon the materials used, how well the roof is maintained, and if there has been any sudden damage. With that said, the most common reason roofs need repair is simple aging. Just like us, roofs run into more problems as they get older. Other reasons you might need roof repair include but are not limited to:

Damage From Debris

Keep in mind, the debris that causes damage doesn’t need to be large. Even small twigs and leaves can be problematic if allowed to build up.

Excess Moisture

Whether your gutters are overflowing or your roof wasn’t properly constructed for rainwater management, excess moisture is a major problem.

Bad Flashing

 Flashing waterproofs the seals around openings in the roof where your vents and other items protrude. If it is poorly installed or the caulking has gone bad, you’ll get leaks.


Any time there is a hole in your roof, it needs repair. These can be from lousy cable installation or even woodpeckers and other critters.

Missing Shingles

If a shingle is missing, or even just loose, the underlayment is exposed to the elements. This results in damage to the roof and building as a whole.

Signs You Need Chicagoland Roof Repair

It isn’t always easy to spot signs of a problem with your roof. In fact, by the time there is visible evidence, the issue is typically fairly urgent. Some things to look for include:

As soon as you notice any of the above, contact Walton Roofing for assistance.

Our Roof Repair Services

Walton Roofing helps homeowners and businesses in the Naperville area with the following roof repairs: