Naperville Emergency Storm Damage Roofing

Rescuing your Chicagoland home after the storm.

No one anticipates experiencing a Naperville roofing emergency. However, after severe storms, they often arise. While this experience is often scary and frustrating, know that you have Walton Roofing on your side.

Our specialist team uses innovative technology to image and inspect your roof safely, helping us give you a clear picture of the problem and plan the best way to fix your roof. Once we know the right course of action, we get to work protecting your home or business.


Common Causes of Major Roof Damage

Most types of roof damage are minor and easy to remedy. However, sudden and catastrophic damage needs an emergency response. Common causes of major roof damage in the Chicagoland area that require emergency service include:

Fire damage

Fallen trees or limbs

Lightning strikes

Gale-force winds

Other storm damage

If your roof has sustained sudden and severe damage, first secure all people and pets within the building. Keep in mind that safe shelter may require leaving the structure. Then, contact Walton Roofing for emergency inspection and tarping of your roof. 

Emergency vs. Normal Roof Repair

As a home or business owner, any roof damage to your Chicagoland building feels like an emergency. This can make it difficult to determine when you need an urgent response and when help can wait until morning. 

Roofing emergencies are whenever you feel the damage to your roof could possibly compromise the structure of your home or it leaves those inside vulnerable to the elements. If you feel uncertain, call us at Walton Roofing so we can walk you through determining whether or not you are in an urgent situation.

Waiting for Help

As you wait for your Naperville emergency roofing team to arrive, find safe shelter for yourself, family, pets, and/or customers. You do not need to be inside the building when we arrive if it is not a safe option. Keep your phone on you so we can call you once we arrive. Stay calm and make sure no one is injured.